The Auxiliary Driver Portal.

Deligate offers unique Online Driver Listings for businesses to quickly outsource delivery orders, or schedule a local shipment.

Deligate is an ideal way to boost exposure for independent drivers, and local delivery companies. Get insured + GPS + Hot/Cold Bag,  & and you can create your driver profile today!

For Local Businesses

Deligate offers local businesses a portal to find available delivery drivers, who are already insured, with GPS and Hot/Cold Bag ready. It’s our mission to manage a mutual bulletin space, where local businesses can quickly contact a driver to complete immediate delivery orders, or even schedule an inter-city shipment.

What makes Deligate special for businesses, is our fees are pennies per day, and there is no fumbling with tablets, setup, or online ordering systems. You pick the driver, you set the rates.

For Drivers (& co.)

Deligate is a unique system for local delivery drivers, both independent drivers and delivery companies. Deligate is designed to give the driver options and full profts by operating under a “membership for exposure” basis, rather than taking a margin on every order.

By offering local drivers very specific and direct advertising space, together the local businesses and delivery drivers (and companies) can fully manage every transaction, increasing profits and always increasing their mutual customer & client base.

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