We’re very excited to say hello, and announce that Deligate.ca officially exists, it’s now a real thing 🙂 Even if all it is, ultimately, is a directory… we know that in combination with our other small business websites (Microplasm AdPartners), there is going to be a growing demand for the Deligate websites to have available drivers.

We want to welcome postings from independent drivers, and also make the extension for driver companies to have a listing (conditions apply). It’s our mandate to make sure that the contact, decisions, and transactions take place between the drivers and restaurants (or other businesses requiring delivery.

Under this model, the list of drivers on the Deligate websites may be fluid and changing, based on the available drivers being hired enough to take down their listing, allowing room for the next driver to start getting work!

The growing demand of delivery during these times means there needs to be a backup plan, what happens when the usual driver supply is dried up? Head over to the Auxiliary Driver Portal at Deligate, and send out a message to an available driver. That same driver then might also be available for the next time your in a pinch! It’s the relationships between businesses that make them stronger 🙂

Special Note:

No alcohol or cannabis related business are invited at this time. We will wait and see how the further months unfold, and if certain retail markets have to go completely into a devliery model, then we will be able to welcome business of all kinds!

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