The Auxiliary Driver Portal.

Deligate offers a unique way to connect a Restaurants website orders directly to a chosen Delivery Driver. A cost-free alternative for both Local Businesses and Drivers.

For Local Businesses


Deligate can streamline the process for you. We connect your website order detils directly to the drivers phone.

This means that when a customer orders on your website, the Driver will receive notices and alerts on their phone, responding to the order details.

  • No extra Tablets or Ipads
  • Use your existing website
  • Keep the full sales margin!

Grab full details on the Memberships page, as Deligate also allows businesses to post Gigs and Hiring details for drivers in the local area to apply. We’ve got your back 😉


For Delivery Drivers


Deligate makes finding work very simple, by allowing Delivery Drivers in any participating towns to respond to Gigs and Delivery Opportunities.

Deligate also has the unique ability of connecting the Restaurant’s web order details directly to your phone!

  • Use your already existing phone
  • No addtional apps or data needed
  • Keep the full profits!


Check out a few more details on the Memberships page to get yourself into gear for more local delivery opportunites.

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